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A consolidation loan allows you to simplify your life by converting multiple installments into one and extending the loan period to longer than previous liabilities. Thanks to the consolidation loan, we can breathe a sigh of relief, having many liabilities with a short repayment period. Thanks to the consolidation loan, we will combine our existing liabilities into one loan and extend the repayment period.
Before taking a consolidation loan, it is worth checking if such a possibility pays off. If not, let’s pay off your existing liabilities without using a consolidation loan.

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The idea of a consolidation loan is to combine the existing loans into one- has more information. Thanks to this, we do not have to pay off many loans at once. The consolidation loan also counts as the lowest installment, which makes the loan period take as long as possible.
The advantages of a consolidation loan are to ensure security and release from negative entries in the debt registers, if any have the opportunity to appear.

When is it not worth taking a consolidation loan?

When is the consolidation of loans unprofitable? When your income is very good and you finish finalizing your previous obligations. It does not make sense without the need to extend the loan repayment period. It is also worth considering whether the accrued interest will not be higher, and therefore unprofitable. It is also not worth transferring credit concluded on good terms, suited to the borrower. In this case, it may turn out that the consolidation loan will be a worse solution due to worse credit criteria.
It will be difficult to obtain a consolidation loan with a low creditworthiness, understood as the ratio of loan installments to income. In this situation, it is worth going to companies offering non-bank loans.

Where to go for a consolidation loan?

When choosing an institution offering credit, it is worth following:

  • the amount of credit that he can give us
  • sometimes needed to repay the loan
  • the conditions needed to make a loan, such as: insight into credit history and whether it accepts fixed-term contracts

If you do not know where to take a consolidation loan, please visit us.